MMP Packetis Technology


We are innovating constantly in products and services alike to incorporate the constant evolution of the markets, new regulations and the industrial and economic constraints of our customers.

MMP Packetis has been an important partner of the pharmaceutical industry for several years. As a responsible company, we are particularly attentive to sustainable development, which is fully integrated into our strategy.

Folding boxes

1,8 billion folding boxes
per year


  • Acrylic printing offset up to 7 colours online
  • R°/V° printing
  • Metallic silver or pantone ink
  • Gold pressing, hologram printing
  • Printing with UV ink on metallic supports (Metallic polyester film for example)
  • Possibility of double matt/shiny varnish, scratch-off ink, etc.



  • Specific / universal braille
  • Embossing
  • Pre-cut label


  • Complex gluing (Boxes with wedging systems)
  • Boxes with integrated leaflet



  • GZ type pure cellulose cardboard,
  • GC type wood interior cardboard,
  • GD or GT type recycled cardboard,
  • Cardboard laminated with metallic film.



  • 4-colour, rotary offset print (8-colour with two passes)
  • 4-colour typographic print (8-colour with two passes)
  • Leaflets can also be individually numbered using the ink-jet process, for batch matching.


Front side:

  • Plastics: Polypropylene, polythene, polyester, PVC
  • Paper: vellum, opaque, 1 or 2 ply, mat or gloss



  • Luminescent
  • Repositionable
  • Hotmelt or acrylic



  • Offset UV varnish or type
  • Very glossy overlay varnish on UV ink for use on paper only, can be hot-stamped, glued and printed on
  • Flexo UV varnish on glazing machine