MMP Packetis Products

MMP Packetis is the preferred provider for customers in the pharmaceutical or Care fields seeking first-rate quality.

We ensure the highest level of product safety (e.g. anti-counterfeiting) with a wide and comprehensive technology base.

Folding boxes

1,8 billion folding boxes
per year

  • Tuck-End Boxes: most common forms, automated packaging at very high rates.
  • Straight flap Boxes: better safety of the final product, pre-cuts possible.
  • Auto-bottom Boxes: reinforced base, (manual or automated packaging) with or without section.
  • Display boxes: curved shape or a Dispensing type.
  • Boxes with window: window providing protection from dust thanks to a protective film.
  • Boxes with padding: personalized boxes: with windows, tight-fitting or for load-bearing, with separation.
  • Cigarette type Boxes: easy opening and closing, adaptation for different types of packaging (Stickpacks, ...).
  • Nomad boxes, Inserts: stretched surface that lends itself to decorating (internally and externally), large freedom of shape.
  • PackInsert® Boxes: Boxes with integrated pre-glued leaflet (share logistical arrangements).
  • PackEvident® Boxes: tamper proof and simple design, may be coupled with anti-counterfeiting solutions.
  • PackIridium® Boxes: enhancing metalized aspects: precision, colour, brilliance of the hot-stamping.


  • Single leaflets in reel format: a long expertise in manufacturing leaflets of the company, very competitive prices, medium and large print runs.
  • Multi-pages leaflets delivered in reels, flat or folded: in two-, three- or even four-page formats, customers’ folding machines do not have to be modified for leaflets with similar formats, improved ergonomy, easier for patients to read.
  • Personalized leaflets: Folded with single, parallel or accordion folds, flat and stretch-wrapped, if required, or as outserts (Malabar) delivered.


  • Printing on standard laminates,
  • Coated and laminated labels,
  • Double-sided printing of the front side,
  • Printing of barcodes on the reverse of the label,
  • Print safety, thanks to 100% detection cameras.


Wedging systems

European leader in wedging solutions

We offer various wedging systems: 

  • Glued or Clip-on Vial Holders,
  • Vial Holder Boxes
  • Divisible Vial Holders,
  •  Wedging Systems,
  • Innovative wedging solutions for different types of containers.


For more than thirty years, MMP Packetis has developed its know-how in the installation of leaflet folding machines for customers of the pharmaceutical industry, as a privileged GUK partner ( ). MMP Packetis plays a role in all the major laboratories and contractors and also ensures the maintenance, improvement in performance and modernization of installed folding machines.