About us

Europe leading manufacturer 
of Pharmaceutical Packaging

MMP Packetis, leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Packaging, offers its customers a full range of products and services including folding boxes, leaflets, wedging systems, adhesive labels and After-sales/Maintenance services for leaflets GUK folding machines.

A member of the Mayr-Melnhof Group ( , MMP Packetis shares a requirement of a very high standard of products and services.

Its full range of products and services, together with 100 years of experience and a culture of pharmaceutical safety make MMP Packetis the preferred provider of the Health, Hygiene and Beauty sectors. Its products are designed to respect constraint of traceability, safety and machinability.

Its customers are among the biggest players in these markets.

Facts & figures

MMP Paketis in numbers

580 staffs

1,8 billion
folding boxes &
2,0 billion

4 Production sites
in France
(Charente, Vaucluse)

Our values

1) Our commitments

Ready to respond to the needs of pharmaceutical safety, we develop long term partnerships with our customers, based on 5 commitments:

- Guarantee a high level of product safety

Pharmaceutical Safety is a fundamental value and one of our on-going concerns. This concern has led to very precise, rigorous procedures inspired by Good Manufacturing Practices and the involvement of all our staff, who are specially trained to respond to the safety requirements of our customers.

- Provide an efficient industrial tool

Our investment policy answers to the dual objective of Efficiency and Quality. As far as folding boxes are concerned, for example, our most up-to-date offset presses are all equipped with a camera control system that enables a 100% analysis of every printed sheet.

- Offer a back-up production site

The folding boxes and leaflets can be produced at different sites.

- Adapt to the specific demands of the customers

Our expertise and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market enables us to guarantee top quality products and services and also to respond to our customers’ industrial production cycles, and our customers’ needs for innovation.

- Innovate constantly

We are innovating constantly in products and services alike to incorporate the constant evolution of the markets, new regulations and the industrial and economic constraints of our customers.

2) Sustainable development

MMP Packetis has been an important partner of the pharmaceutical industry for several years. As a responsible company, we are particularly attentive to sustainable development, which is fully integrated into our strategy.

In order to improve our practices and limit our environmental impact we base our operations on three pillars: take the environment into account in our decisions, respect the application of environmental standards and scrupulously evaluate the industrial processes.

Our processes take into account this environmental approach, at first materialized by the Management’s commitment, which is displayed on all production sites and by the regular training of company supervisors and staff. This commitment mainly includes implementing processes to limit our environmental impact, preventing pollution risks, and taking the environment into account in investment decisions.

We comply with French applicable laws and regulations and have implemented ISO 9001 version 2008 certified (2004) and ISO 14001 in our Quality Management System (2012).

We are committed to the continuous evaluation of our sustainable development practices by independent bodies. In addition to complying with the ISO4001 norm:

  • Certifications FSC®  (FSC® C110973) and PEFC™  (PEFC™ / 10-32-2525) since 2012
  • EcoVadis assessment since 2014 (Gold Certification since June 2016)
  • CDP assessment since 2014 (Top 30% among Packaging component suppliers in June 2016)

People at MMP Packetis

MMP Packetis
Who We Are

We are united by an advanced network of expertise. The systematic transfer of knowledge and short decision paths are part of the foundations of our organisation and our approach to work. This enables us to safeguard maximum flexibility and rapid implementation.